Commands IRC

/msg nickserv command
/msg nickserv help commands
ACCES Modify the list of authorized addresses
AJOIN Manage your auto join list
ALIST List channels you have access on
CERT Modify the nickname client certificate list
CONFIRM Confirm a passcode
DROP Cancel the registration of a nickname
HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password
INFO Displays information about a given nickname
LIST List all registered nicknames that match a given pattern
LOGOUT Reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY command
RECOVER Regains control of your nick
REGISTER Register a nickname
RESEND Resend registration confirmation email
SET Set options, including kill protection
STATUS Returns the owner status of the given nickname
UNGROUP Remove a nick from a group
UPDATE Updates your current status, i.e. it checks for new memos
Services Operator commands

/msg ChanServ command
/msg Chanserv help commands
BAN Bans a given nick or mask on a channel
DROP Cancel the registration of a channel
GETKEY Returns the key of the given channel
HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
INFO Lists information about the specified registered channel
INVITE Invites you or an optionally specified nick into a channel
KICK Kicks a specified nick from a channel
LIST Lists all registered channels matching the given pattern
REGISTER Register a channel
STATUS Find a user’s status on a channel
UNBAN Remove all bans preventing a user from entering a channel
Used to modify the channel status of you or other users
Used to manage channels
Services Operator commands

/msg hostserv command
/msg hostserv help commands
ACTIVATE Approve the requested vHost of a user
DEL Delete the vhost of another user
DELALL Deletes the vhost for all nicks in a group
GROUP Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group
HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
LIST Displays one or more vhost entries
OFF Deactivates your assigned vhost
ON Activates your assigned vhost
REJECT Reject the requested vHost of a user
REQUEST Request a vHost for your nick
SET Set the vhost of another user
SETALL Set the vhost for all nicks in a group
WAITING Retrieves the vhost requests

/msg memoserv commad
/msg memoserv help commands
CANCEL Cancel the last memo you sent
CHECK Checks if last memo to a nick was read
DEL Delete a memo or memos
HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
IGNORE Manage the memo ignore list
INFO Displays information about your memos
LIST List your memos
READ Read a memo or memos
SEND Send a memo to a nick or channel
SENDALL Send a memo to all registered users
SET Set options related to memos
STAFF Send a memo to all opers/admins

/msg operserv command
/msg operserv help commands
AKILL Manipulate the AKILL list
CHANKILL AKILL all users on a specific channel
CHANLIST Lists all channel records
CONFIG View and change configuration file settings
DEFCON Manipulate the DefCon system
DNS Manage DNS zones for this network
EXCEPTION Modify the session-limit exception list
FORBID Forbid usage of nicknames, channels, and emails
HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
IGNORE Modify the Services ignore list
INFO Associate oper info with a nick or channel
JUPE “Jupiter” a server
KICK Kick a user from a channel
KILL Kill a user
LOGIN Login to OperServ
LOGOUT Logout from OperServ
LOGSEARCH Searches logs for a matching pattern
MODE Change channel modes
MODINFO Info about a loaded module
MODLIST List loaded modules
MODLOAD Load a module
MODRELOAD Reload a module
MODUNLOAD Un-Load a module
NOOP Remove all operators from a server remotely
OPER View and change Services Operators
QUIT Terminate Services WITHOUT saving
RELOAD Reload services’ configuration file
SEEN Statistics and maintenance for seen data
SESSION View the list of host sessions
SET Set various global Services options
SHUTDOWN Terminate services with save
SNLINE Manipulate the SNLINE list
SQLINE Manipulate the SQLINE list
STATS Show status of Services and network
SVSJOIN Forcefully join a user to a channel
SVSNICK Forcefully change a user’s nickname
SVSPART Forcefully part a user from a channel
UMODE Change user modes
UPDATE Force the Services databases to be updated immediately
USERLIST Lists all user records